Choose the best flooring for your child’s room

Choose the best flooring for your child’s room

The child's bedroom needs to have durable and stain-resistant floors. Style isn't much of a priority for a kid, but adults will certainly be looking for that.

Read on to learn more. These flooring types are great choices when looking for new floors for your child's room.

Carpet: always a good choice

Carpets these days come with extra durability and stain resistance. There are many kid-friendly versions; some have even been tested at kids' parties where you know there are a lot of messes.

Carpets have superior noise insulation qualities, especially for nurseries or child rooms. It also provides cushioning to soften falls, which is especially significant if a toddler is learning to walk.

At our flooring store, you'll see carpets and squares from brands like Dixie Home, Mohawk, Stanton, etc.

About carpet tiles

These come in many fibers, including wool and nylon. They have the same qualities as broadloom.

Because they are so thick, the noise insulation is enhanced. As a result, they're often used in busy offices and call centers.

Installation is a simple peel & stick. When one gets damaged, you only need to replace that, not the whole floor.

Luxury vinyl: affordable style and function

This has an affordable style with images of wood, stone, and tile cut into planks or tile-sized pieces. You'll see brands in our flooring company, such as COREtec and Pergo Extreme.

The floors have depth, dimension, and textured looks. It's 100% waterproof and durable, with a tough transparent layer that protects the floors. All it needs is regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

If you want to amp it up, even more, go with the engineered version of luxury vinyl. Waterproof flooring and original luxury vinyl come from brands like DuChateau and more.

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