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Marine Carpet

Rugworks is South Florida's leading supplier of marine carpet. We provide both interior and exterior services to both the wholesale & retail customer.

Not all outdoor flooring materials are created equally, and that applies especially for marine carpets. Intended specifically for outdoor use in areas that are frequently wet, they have to be durable, waterproof, resistant to mold and mildew, and of course, stylish. When you’re looking for marine carpets for your pool deck, patio, dock or boat, look no further than Rugworks. We have exactly what you need!

It might surprise you to hear about how well marine carpet can benefit your exterior decor, without the material being destroyed by the elements and bleached by the sun. Marine carpets are designed for the outdoors, and can stand up to water, sunlight and frequent usage. Rugworks offers products suitable for each of Florida's seasons. It's true that outdoor conditions can cause drastic damage to materials designed for the indoors. UV radiation from the sun can cause the colors of most rugs to fade, but marine carpets are UV treated to resist fading induced by the sun's rays. On an open deck in the sun, or on a covered pool deck in the shade, marine carpet can be expected to last. Water and moisture are usually fatal for indoor materials. Mold and mildew will take over if an indoor area rug is left saturated for too long.

Marine material however, is designed with waterproof material and a porous backing, so that it doesn't absorb or hold water long enough to encourage the growth of fungi. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles and textures, it can be as useful a design tool as indoor carpet. The options are endless when it comes to the world of marine carpet. Contact Rugworks to find out more about our marine carpet, our other outdoor products and service, and our indoor products and services. To see what we have to offer first hand, come visit us at our showroom in Pompano Beach.
Marine Carpet in Pompano Beach, FL from Rugworks