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When to choose luxury vinyl tile and plank

Luxury vinyl tile and plank, also known as LVT and LVP, are continually rising in popularity. Homeowners have realized, this is not the same type of vinyl that was popular all those years ago. While vinyl sheeting was great in the areas of water, moisture and stain resistance, we have still come a long way.

In fact, where vinyl was once a word synonymous with cheap and easily replaceable, those connotations don’t exactly apply anymore. While luxury vinyl tile and plank are still much more affordable than the natural resources they so easily mimic, the product itself is by no means “cheap”.

Rugworks has more than twenty years of helping customers find the perfect flooring for their home, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, we’d love to invite you to visit our showroom, located in Pompano Beach, FL. We serve not only the Pompano Beach area, but surrounding areas as well. You can browse our LVT and LVP, ask questions, and we’ll be happy to get you matched up with the perfect flooring.

Benefits and characteristics of luxury vinyl tile & plank

Both LVT and LVP do an amazing job of replicating the look and feel of natural resources. Luxury vinyl tile, for instance, can look exactly like ceramic or porcelain tile, right down to the grouting. Luxury vinyl planks, as you might expect, are amazingly similar to real solid hardwood flooring, from the grain pattern and feel, to the finish and shine. You can also find vinyl products that look like marble, natural stone or even travertine, and so much more.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Pompano Beach, FL from Rugworks
While these amazing vinyl flooring materials look so much like the real thing, they certainly don’t act like it. You can place the luxury vinyl plank in places that solid hardwood could never go, such as in basements or laundry rooms. And you can feel confident in placing an LVT that resembles natural stone right in the kitchen, with no need to seal, or use a special finish. In other words, LVT and LVP really open up a whole new world for the homeowner to have just the look he wants.

Finally, you’ll be happy to know that installing this floor covering is so much easier than installing the real thing. Not only is the process quicker and cleaner, but you’re able to walk on your new floors immediately after the install.

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